Miners talk loophole impacts to pollies

28 Aug 2023

Three years ago two miners, Simon and Ron, filmed a video talking about the impacts of the labour hire loophole. 

Simon is a permanent worker, Ron is a labour hire worker. They do the same job at the same mine, but as you’ll see in the video, the conditions they work under are very different. 

Watch the video here.  

Recently, both Ron and Simon attended the ALP National Conference in Brisbane, stood in front of a room full of politicians and told them that since the video was filmed three years ago nothing has changed. 

Ron still doesn’t have job security and despite having decades of experience he still doesn’t get the other basic entitlements available to Simon. 

The Federal Government has committed to closing the labour hire loophole and fixing things for workers like Ron through the introduction of Same Job Same Pay legislation, but it can’t come soon enough.

If you’ve got a story about how the labour hire loophole impacts you, tell us here. The more stories we have, the greater chance we have of getting politicians of all stripes to listen and act.


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